Urban Parenting Tips for Young Moms, Dads and Grandparents By Edye Deloch-Hughes

Our first Lady Michelle Obama recently launched the Let’s Move program to combat the epidemic of obesity among children, adults and families.  Our kids are spending more time on the computer and playing video games than being physically active. Raise your kids well by encouraging  them to move. Enroll your children in sports or other activities in your community. If they’re stuck on video games, buy a Wii or XBox Kinect system which has awesome dance videos.  Get up and dance with your kids. We parents could stand to shake our groove things too.  Mrs. Obama has some smooth moves herself. Check her out!

How do you keep your kids (and yourself)  moving?


Comments on: "Do like Michelle Obama: LET’S MOVE to end obesity (video)" (1)

  1. I think you have to commit to getting out there with your kids and not just to watch them play. If you aren’t particularly athletic (that would be me) you find stuff that you can do. I took my lads on bike adventures up and down the lakefront here in Chicago. If it was summer we would stop at the beach and splash around for a while. Fly kites. I turned an ankle chasing after a kite that got away from my youngest and when people asked me why I was limping I said “pick up basketball game-I guess I’m losing a step” LOL

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