Urban Parenting Tips for Young Moms, Dads and Grandparents By Edye Deloch-Hughes

Check out this video of an Uncle’s response to his nephew faking gangbangin’ on Facebook. Do you think  Uncle’s raisng hell or raising him well?  I welcome your comments and opinions.


Comments on: "The Great American Beatdown." (6)

  1. raising hell AND raising them well.

    that was an equivalent of a spanking and scolding, upgraded for a young man. the young man was not physically hur, AND he damn sure got the message.

  2. Iris Deaderick said:

    Hi Edye,
    The uncle may not have handled it well, but nephew surely will not play gangsta again. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Edye,
    Interesting video, but this was way over the top. Even if the child misbehaved I don’t see any reason to record and post the video on Youtube. The only reason I can see is to embarrass & humiliate the kid and that’s wrong. Besides I thought the whole point of punishment (whether physical or not) was to correct. True, the kid will probably not decide to go gangster again but I think it became all about the uncle and his video. I also
    noticed on YouTube the comments people made which shouldn’t be taken too seriously. They went from pointless to downright stupid.

  4. I think the uncle was raising hell. The uncle looked like a gangbanger himself, while his nephew, on the other hand, looked like an A-student.

    The uncle was right to call out his nephew for faking being in a gang, but his over-the-top reaction probably won’t be very effective.

    There should have been a way to handle this without the violence (something that gangs practice indiscriminately) and profanity, again something prevalent with gang members, and many young people today.

    • Yeah, lots of profane words and peekaboo drawers from the uncle which gave that fresh gangbanger look, when in fact, I think he was jus’ chillin’ in his home. The belt was probably used to hold up his pants. The boy was clean looking yet he was perpetrating “dirt” on the Internet. The Uncle did some serious tuff love (literally ) on his butt. I thought it was a bit over the top, but gangbanging is a serious thing in the black community, and black men are accused of not stepping up to correct our young men. This Uncle was proactive. Many of them are hard headed. But there is an old black saying, ” A hard head makes a soft behind” Though I would not have posted the whooping over the Internet, Uncle surely made a soft behind. I would have had the nephew make a public rebuttal with a less profane tongue lashing from Uncle, denouncing his affiliation with gang activity. But harsh as it may look, I ain’t mad at him.Tuff love is MUCH needed with kids today.

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